Created in Geneva in 2006, Art’O’Danse is an association dedicated to contributing to the artistic development of urban dances and to bring it forwards in Geneva’s cultural landscape.

In 2007, it hosts the Juste Debout – the world’s biggest hip-hop gathering! – for the first time in Switzerland, which was not only a major turning point for urban dances in Switzerland but also put Geneva on the list of cities hosting this global tour, alongside cities such as New York, Tokyo, Paris, Rome or Saint-Petersbourg.

In 2011, building on the success of the Swiss edition of Juste Debout and endeavouring to contribute ever more to Geneva’s cultural scene, Art’O’Danse set upon the project of creating around the major event that is the Juste Debout a festival celebrating urban dances. The Groove’N’Move Festival was born ; a Festival that, much like a kaleidoscope, underlines the multiple sides if urban dances and approaches them via different angles to bring to light the artistic and creative wealth of these dances and promote their artistic development in Switzerland.

In direct relation to the Groove’N’Move Festival, Art’O’Danse launched many pioneering projects such as the direction of local urban dances creations supervised by choreographers invited to stimulate the development of hip-hop creations in the region and offer expression platforms to local talents.

Previously, the association had launched the  Battle de l’Asphalte organised as part of the Asphaltissimo Festival (Geneva 2007), the Soul Train, 100% urban dancing evenings that were organised in Geneva in 2006 and 2007, as well as various dancing workshops with foreign figureheads coming from the United States, Japan, France and other countries.

The general idea behind the projects set up by Art’O’Danse is clear : projects that bring out the artistic quality of urban dancing, bring a questioning allowing to reflect on this art and make it evolve, and that generate value on the long run.

Thanks to its credibility, its seriousness and its expertise when it comes to urban dances, Art’O’Danse is called upon in a regular basis to consult on the programmation of various manifestations.