Cie Amala Dianor and Ultimate Crew

Performance Evening at the Forum Meyrin Theater

Saturday, Feburary 11th | 20:00


Evening performance featuring two companies : the Japanese company Ultimate Crew, then the French company Amala Dianor.

De(S) Génération

Piece for 6 performers
Duration : 70 mn

« Peace, Unity, Love, and Having Fun », the hip-hop motto that transforms the vibrations of everyday life into positive energy, is the starting point of  choreographer Amala Dianor’s creation. He wants to add to it the idea of “Goodwill”. From the oldest to the youngest, the solidarity between individuals, between sexes, between generations.

De(s)generation is an experiment for 6 generations of hip-hop dancers that meet, defy each other and test the memory of the movement and its evolutions. The performers, renowned in the different styles of this multiple movement, play with their dances in an exchange between “schools” – from New school to Old school, from the world of battles to an encounter of genres on the stage – all in a joyous hymn celebrating the hip-hop culture.

The gloomy atmosphere and the ever darker perspective of our world (wars, natural disasters, revolutions) inspired Amala to create, against all this, a utopian play in which he mixes joy, performance, insolence and carelessness for a moment of exchanges. A proposal to rekindle a slowly fading optimism.

At the center of the play is defiance in response to current preoccupations. In a mindset of outperforming oneself and the limits of the discipline, the dancers confront their techniques to improve themselves and discover new ways to perform their dances. Amala challenges them to be themselves on stage, to stay authentic and to enjoy the performance they are giving to the public.

«This is probably the most important choreography I have made to this date. Many people have been interested in what I have done since I started dancing and creating, but this might help step into a bigger league ».  make no mistake though, Amala Dianor, an artist of rare humility, remains lucid about his journey and the stakes of this creation that he has been thinking about and woking on for more than two years from his home in  Tremblay-en-France, in Seine-Saint-Denis, France.


A play for 5 performers.
Duration : 20 mn

The Japanese company Ultimate Crew unites 15 of the world’s best “popping” dancers. 5 of these 15 true masters of this technique will come to Meyrin to offer a greatly entertaining performance that will amaze thanks to the dancers’ technical feats and their unbelievable creativity.

Company credits

Choreography : Amala Dianor
Choreogaphy assistant : Rindra Rasoaveloson
Dancers: Gabin Nuissier | Brahim Bouchelaghem | Mathias Rassin | Admir Mirena | Sandrine Lescourant | Link Berthomieux
Musics : Awir Léon
Lights : Xavier Lazarini
Production : Compagnie Amala Dianor / Kaplan
Coproduction : Théâtre Louis Aragon Scène conventionnée danse de Tremblayen-France (93) | CNDC d’Angers | le CCN de Créteil et du val de Marne | WIP La Villette et Théâtre Paul Eluard de Bezons | scène conventionnée danse dans le cadre de la permanence artistique de la Région Ile de France (78)
With the support of La DRAC Pays de la Loire | le CCN de La Rochelle | ARCADI | la SPEDIDAM


Amala Dianor


Amala Dianor

CIE Amala Dianor


CIE Amala Dianor