Hip-hop dancing livens

Animated films at the Grütli cinemas

Wednesday, February 22nd | 7PM


This year, the Festival wanted to program a session of short animated films related to urban dances. This programmation is realised by director Mauro Carraro. Mauro works in Geneva at Nadasdy film. He has notably directed Hasta Santiago («Jean-Luc Xiberras» Prize at the Festival international du Film d’animation d’Annecy) and Aubade (nominated best animated movie at the Prix Suisse 2015).

Four animated movies and a making-of will be projected :

Le Coeur est un Métronome – Jean-Charles Mbotti Malolo (4’30 min)

Jean-Charles Mbotti Malolo’s first famous film, Le Coeur est un métronome is his end of study movie made in 2007. It illustrates the complex relationship between a father and his son. The graphic palette is colourful, but the music, gestures, rythm, the bodies and the speechlessness already announce Le Sens du toucher, his first professional film.

Le sens du toucher – Jean-Charles Mbotti-Malolo (14’30 min)

Chloé and Louis secretly love each other but don’t manage to admit it to each other. Their gestures say what their words couldn’t. They dance, making each word a choreography. One night, Louis decides to invite Chloé for dinner. When she gets there, he realises she rescued lost kittens. He chooses not to mention his extreme allergy  but has trouble relaxing. The dinner then reveals his darkest sides. He hates his own rigidity and Chloé’s carelessness pushes him to his limits. The ballet’s rhythm changes, and Louis, who has turned into a monster, all puffy from his allergy, throws Chloe out the door…

  • Realisation : Jean-Charles Mbotti Malolo

Orgesticulanismus – Mathieu Labaye (9’29 min)

« It is through movement that one appropriates his own life. Through one’s liberty to come, go, have loving gestures, be angry, whatever. When you are deprived of movement as I am, if you want to survive, you need to re-invent movement differently. »

– Benoît Labaye

  • Réalisation : Mathieu Labaye

Sous tes doigts – Marie-Christine Courtès (12’54 min)

Following her grandmother’s passing, a young Eurasian relives, through dances and rituals, the singular story of the women in her family, from colonial Indochina to the isolation of a transition camp. On the day her grandmother gets cremated, Emilie, a young Asian metis, immerses herself in the old woman’s memories. She discovers Hoà’s Indochina, her loving encounter with Jacques (a French colonist), the birth of her mother Linh and the tragic departure to France in 1956. She relives Linh’s arrival in the camp accommodation of Sainte-Livrade, the exploitation of Indochinese women by the Lot-et-Garonne vegetable farmers. Between memories, dance, anger and traditional rituals, Emilie learns to accept this heritage…

  • Réalisation : Marie-Christine Courtès