Scratch by Doug Pray

Documentary at Cinélux

Wednesday, February 15th | 7PM

by Doug Pray

English Original Version, with French subtitles
Realisation :
Doug Pray, USA, 2001
With : Carlos Aguilar, Afrika Bambaataa, Herbie Hancock
Genre : Documentary, musical
Duration : 1h29

In the last twenty years, rap become increasingly popular : discovered by the general public in 1979 with Sugarhill Gang’s hit Rappers’ delight, it has become a major genre, slowly taking its place in hit parades across the world and in the clothing habits of younger generations. However, behind the scenes of the rappers occupying the center of the musical stage are the Djs.

This documentary, interspersed with interviews of Afrika Bambaataa and GrandMixer DXT, narrates the story of those artists from the 70s to this day, with a particular emphasis on the scratch  experts who are indissociable from the hip-hop phenomenon – .