Ucka Ludovic Ilolo

Conference-workshop at the MEG

Sunday, February 12th | 2PM


Ucka Ludovic Ilolo
How do architects create hip-hop dances?

Hip-Hop dancing was born in New-York in a specific architectural context. One of its particularities is to have developed in many other places in the world in an urban context. During this participative conference-workshop, the dancer Ucka Ludovic Ilolo will invite you to explore the way architecture transforms the relationship to movement and how a human being interacts with its space and appropriates it. You will learn more about the history of hip-hop while discovering or developing your dancing abilities.

To what end ?

The participant leaves with :
– a better understanding of the mechanisms of creation in Hip-Hop dancing
– a better understanding of the History and evolution of the Hip-Hop dances
– tools to better apprehend space, the dancers and the music in a choreographic project

For which public ?

For any person interested in learning the impact of architecture on human creation.


Young people’s workshop (ages 12 to 16) : 2PM to 3PM
Adult workshop : 4PM to 7PM


Ucka Ludovic ILOLO


Ucka Ludovic ILOLO