Sébastien Boucher

Directeur général et artistique


Sebastien Boucher discovered hip-hop dancing in the early 90s. Practiced at first as a hobby, the dance quickly took an ever greater importance in his life, leading him to Paris, cradle of hip-hop dancing in Europe.

Based in the French capital, Sebastien improved his knowledge of dancing through workshops, encounters and relentless practicing with other passionates in now mythical places such as the Forum des Halles in Châtelet, a true hip-hop talent hub. With much effort, endurance, passion and exchanges with other dances, he taught himself and perfected his dancing. Sebastien remains very attached to those values that helped build him and wants to transmit them to the youths interested in this dance and culture.After becoming a professional dancer, Sebastien Boucher embarked upon various collaborations with different companies. He also joined the world of television and dances in shows such as “Star Academy”, “Hit Machine”, and the famous show “Bigdil” for which he became an official dancer. The world of performers soon noticed his talent and he went on to dance for the biggest names in European R’n’B, such as Miss-teeq and Willy Denzey whom he joins on a tour of the biggest French stages. At the same time, the young dancer becomes renowned as a major protagonist on the underground hip-hop movement and participates in numerous high level international battles : Juste Debout, Total session, World Colosseum, HDI, …

He appreciates the diversity and openness of hip-hop dancing, and therefore doesn’t restrict himself to one discipline only : among the styles he masters are New Style, House Dance and Popping, which brings him to understand the essence and unity of the movement. This versatility allows him to be invited throughout the world to take part in events as a dancer, jury or teacher. At the same time as his shows and dancing competitions, Sebastien distinguishes himself in creations presented in Geneva by ADC, the Association for Contemporary Dance.

Bolstered by the experience and recognition he has acquired in this environment, Sebastien endeavours to share his love of hip-hop dancing to beginners and initiates alike. He set up several projects to bring life to the movement, make it known to as many as possible and share the wealth of this dance that he sees as a means to open and develop oneself. Dancing lessons, play direction and event organisation are among the numerous skills the dancers has acquired with time. Proof of this is the fact that he has been tasked with organising the Swiss Juste Debout selections since 2006 and has organised the Groove’n’Move festival, which he founded, since 2011.

A few references:

  • House Dance UK (London 2010) – House Finalist
  • Word Dance Colosseum (Tokyo 2009) – House Finalist
  • Bust A Move (Montreal 2009) – House Winner
  • Juste Debout World Final (Paris, 2009) –  House Semi-Finalist
  • Soul Circle (Grenoble 2006, 2007) – House Winner
  • Power Battle Circle (Paris 2004) – Popping Winner
  • Abstract (Paris 2004) – Popping Winner
  • Juste Debout World Final (Paris 2004) – Popping Winner
  • Total Session (Grenoble 2003, 2004) – Popping Winner